Abel Wasan

Abel Wasan, Aged 25 – AstraZeneca 31st July 2021

Died 1st August 2021 from acute heart failure, one day after the Vaccine

Abel died just one day after receiving the AstraZeneca Vaccine. He had his 1st AZ Vaccine on July 31st and was found unresponsive in his room one day later, on August 1st.

He had no underlying health issues according to his family. His sudden death is now under investigation.

He suffered a high fever and shortness of breath immediately after being vaccinated. He went to his room to rest on his bed. His girlfriend tried to call him to ask how everything is going, but her phone calls weren’t answered. When they went to his room to look for him, they found he had died.

His father, Police Lieutenant Wasan, said that his son had received the shot at the Vaccination Center in Thammasat Hospital at around 09.00. “He likes to exercise and keep healthy,” his father said. “He didn’t have any underlying health issues.”

His mother said that her son graduated in business computing at Mahasarakham University in 2019. He then became a programmer for a private company in Bangkok. He liked to play basketball there during his free time as he was an athlete in high school.

Autopsy results from Bhumibol Hospital concluded that he had died from acute heart failure. The family is collecting evidence to submit to the relevant authorities. The family does not want anyone else to lose a family member in this way.