Angelica Harris – AstraZeneca 1st Dose 29th June, 2nd Dose 22nd September 2021

Leg Amputation Resulting From AstraZeneca Vaccine

My name is Angelica Harris, I’m 45 years old and I live in São Paulo, Brazil.

On 29/06/2021 I took the first dose of the AstraZeneca Vaccine, and then the second 22/09/2021. Right after the first dose I started to feel numbness in my toes, spreading to the whole foot, then some pain started along with the numbness, and these pains went up to my leg.

I looked for care at the AMA (Ambulatory Medical Assistance), they gave me medicine for pain, but in 2 days I didn’t have any improvement of the pain and I returned to the same AMA where they gave me another medicine for pain.

These pains increased and I could no longer go up or down my street to catch the bus, so I chose the taxi service so as not to miss work. But the pains were getting too much so I decided to pay for a private consultation. At the Dr’s Consultation, they did a Doppler Ultrasound exam and in this exam the doctor told me to seek urgent care in a hospital because my veins and arteries were ruptured. They were also obstructed and it was serious!

I went to Hospital São Paulo, attended the emergency room where they gave me an intravenous drug of Tramal for pain, but this medicine did not solve anything and I ended up going to the ICU on the same day.

They tried to do several procedures but the doctors said that if it didn’t work out the only option would be amputation. I was always reluctant at first, because who wants to lose a leg ???? It was a situation that I did not accept but I was always hoping that one of the procedures would work. But the pain only increased and neither Tramal nor Morphine took effect. Then the day came when the only solution was the amputation. This was performed on 04/11/2021 (Left Transfemoral Amputation), because the left leg below the knee no longer had any circulation.

That part was tense, the acceptance, but I had no other option – now it’s time to face this new challenge.

On the 08/11/2021 I was released from the hospital. I went home indignant, because I never drank, I never smoked, led an active life, I did everything, but now I couldn’t even put a simple pot of food for my cats to feed….

I try not to let sadness get me down, but there are days when it’s difficult, you cry, you end up not accepting it all, but many say….”LIFE GOES ON”.

At the moment I am looking for financial help for the purchase of a prosthesis. My life changed overnight, but I thank God that I was alive, many were not as lucky as me. The battle is big but I will be able to win.

São Paulo, Brazil