Anthea Kelly

Anthea Kelly – AstraZeneca 24th January 2021

Died 28th January 2021 Aged 71 Years

Anthea’s daughter Alex writes the following:

My mother died four days after AstraZeneca Vaccine.

My brother and I have lost our world because of a trial vaccine.

Matt Hancock and his ridiculous P.M, stating that the vaccines were 100% safe, are a disgrace. As far as we, as a family are concerned, they, and these pharmaceutical companies have blood on their hands.

We have instructed a lawyer who is representing other AstraZeneca Vaccine cases.

We were fortunate in one thing…..that the coroner did not whitewash this. AstraZeneca is in black and white on my mother’s death certificate!

We will not stop until they pay for what they have done.

I want her story told to warn others

Battersea, London, UK