Bruno Oscar Graf – Administered AstraZeneca August 14 2021

Died August 26 2021 – Cause of death: Stroke due to Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (TTI)

Aged 28 years old – Health situation: No comorbidities (underlying health issues)

The lawyer and resident of Blumenau is a municipality in the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil, Bruno Oscar Graf, 28, died Thursday, August 26, due to a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) resulting from of a thrombosis. The boy’s mother, Arlene Ferrari Graf, believes that the AstraZeneca vaccine, which fights Covid-19, may have caused her son’s death. He was vaccinated on August 14th – twelve days before his death – at the Vaccination Center, located in Parque Vila Germânica.

Arlene says that Bruno felt severe headaches and fever and that is why he was hospitalized on Monday, 23. On Tuesday, he reportedly suffered a hemorrhagic cerebrovascular accident (CVA), which brought several complications to his health and progressed to death two days later.

“They had a blood test that found low platelets and high CRP. Suspected Covid or Dengue. They did nothing more than give medicine to relieve headaches. (…) On Tuesday, at 7 pm, she had a stroke and there was nothing left to do”, said the mother.

Through social networks, Arlene made a publication reporting the death:

“Bruno was a perfect son in every possible and imaginable way. A loving, considerate, helpful and kind child. God in his infinite mercy has enlightened us with these nearly 29 years of happy coexistence where love has reigned. Not a day went by without me kissing him and saying: “son, mother loves you. – I love you too mom”… I love my children and affection and kissing are part of our daily lives”, she wrote in the post.

In another excerpt, she also points out that she and Bruno’s father decided to donate his organs, so that “other parents can smile and Bruno’s heart continues to beat”.

Arlene comments that the death certificate describes that the stroke was due to an Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (TTI). Through research done, she found that the cause of this thrombosis could be the vaccine.

In addition, she commented that when talking to the doctors who attended Bruno, some confirmed that there was a relationship with the vaccine and others, with fear, would have nodded when she questioned.

She also reported that an examination to investigate whether the cause of thrombosis was the vaccine has already been carried out and that they are awaiting the result.

“I’m waiting for the result of a test called anti-heparin PF4, which went to Europe and this should give us a position. But I am basing myself on the set of factors that resulted in the death of my beloved son”, she said.

Hospital Santa Catarina, place of death, through a press office, pointed out that it will not comment at the time because it is still awaiting the results of investigative tests.

Bruno Graf was forced to get vaccinated, as he was moving to Europe, where he was going to get married and raise a family.

As usual, the mainstream media ignored the case, the government reported that the benefits outweigh the risks, and it’s too early to draw conclusions. The exam to prove that the death was caused by the vaccine, was paid by the family, and cost about 800 dollars (more than three minimum wages in Brazil)!

Santa Catarina, Brazil