Bryan Forster

Bryan Forster – AstraZeneca February 2021, given without families consent

Severe Adverse Reaction: Blood Clots resulting in Heart Attack Aged 51 Years

Bryan’s story told by his brother, Gary Forster:

My brother Bryan is 55. He had his first stroke at 47, and another two thereafter, the last at 51. Three years ago, he fell and hit his head and had a bleed on the brain, resulting in him being taken into a care home. He was initially mobile, although they moved him to another care home where they neglected him to a point where he became wheelchair bound. Eventually they discovered he had a rare condition where the arteries in his brain were shrinking. But through neglect he had no treatment at all.

In February 2021, I found out they given him his first AstraZeneca Vaccine WITHOUT CONSENT. I was really upset, due to his medical history, and what I knew from reading about the side effects of the Vaccine, I thought he was at high risk of blood clots due to his condition.

Low and behold he had 2 heart attacks. He flatlined, but they resuscitated him and rushed him to hospital.

They operated and removed a large blood clot from one of his main arteries.

The first question the surgeon asked was, which Covid Vaccine did he have.

The surgeon said the clot has damaged a large part of his heart and he won’t recover and will need special care.

Tell me how can they vaccinate someone with the medical history of my brother, with a poison that causes blood clots?

I’m so angry… this is medical genocide and it’s really eating me up inside! How could they do this?

United Kingdom