Christina – AstraZeneca 17th February 2021

Died 26th February 2021

On February 17 2021, 61-year-old assistant nurse Christina was vaccinated with AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine. She had felt worried about the vaccination but still decided to take the injection in solidarity with the elderly she took care of at work.

The next day Christina got a headache and dizziness. She continued to feel unwell and had a headache for several days with cold sweats and nausea.

One week after the vaccination, Christina had severe stomach problems. She vomited and had diarrhoea. In addition, she suffered from double vision, something she had never had before.

She was so poorly, her son Daniel drove her to Skåne University Hospital in Lund. Christina had to wait about six hours before she was taken into care. “I was not allowed to come in due to the restrictions for Covid-19. I could only make sure she got to sign up at the front desk. Then I went out to the car and sat there for an hour, says Daniel.”

The next day, the doctors had managed to stabilise Christina’s condition by adding two bags of platelets. The platelets were raised to a more stable level, Daniel explains.

He and the other children talked to the mother on the phone, she was tired but had eaten for the first time in a long time. It felt a little hopeful, says daughter Sara. By the next morning, Christina’s condition deteriorated drastically and she had a Cardiac Arrest and then a Brain Haemorrhage. Her doctor contacted her husband Thomas and explained that the situation was serious. He hurried to book a plane ticket home as he was working abroad.

Thomas said, “It was the worst flight of my life. I sat as on needles in the plane and then on the train to Lund”. On the platform in Lund, his three grown children were waiting. Thomas only needed to look at them to understand that things had gone badly when they embraced their father after he got off the train. The children told Thomas that Christina had passed away. What initially led to the thought of severe food poisoning ended with Cardiac Arrest, Massive Cerebral Haemorrhage, Clots and extensive Severe Internal Bleeding.

The children did have time to say a final goodbye to their mother when she was connected to a respirator.

Following the vaccination, Christina had suffered from six different life-threatening conditions, which occurred more or less in parallel with each other:

Massive cerebral haemorrhage
Myocardial infarction
Plugs in the left lung
Bleeding in and around the adrenal gland
Heavy bleeding in the intestinal system
Plugs in the venous system

Christina had been a previously healthy woman without underlying diseases.

On March 16 2021, the Swedish Public Health Agency temporarily stopped Vaccinating with AstraZeneca’s Covid Vaccine. The stop was called a precautionary measure. Just over a week later, a decision was made to start using it again. But now only for the elderly!

Eslöv, Sweden