Filip Ingebrigsten

Filip Ingebrigsten – AstraZeneca March 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction Aged 28 Years

Filip Ingebrigsten, a Norwegian middle distance runner (European Champion), blames the Covid-19 Vaccine for a ruined season.

He wrote on his instagram “My heaviest season as an athlete is over and evaluated. I lived in the hope that the body would recover after the ‘Coronary Vaccine’, but it never happened. Now new goals have been set and motivation is slowly but surely increasing”.

He goes on to say “It was extremely heavy. At worst, I struggled to do ordinary things, like getting up, shopping in the store, and playing with my daughter. I just had to sit down and relax. I feel very, very tired. I get knocked out. At first I struggle with completing the workout, plus I get tired afterwards, then I notice it in the following days….Nothing works!”

His coach Gjert Ingebrigtsen says “It was very difficult for me to see that he was fighting so hard. We currently don’t have a solution. There is not enough knowledge in the medical profession or in general on how to handle such a severe reaction”.