Joan Stuttard – First Dose 10th March, Second Dose 4th June 2021

Joan Sadly Died On 4th January 2022

Joans story told by her Daughter:

After 1st Injection AstraZeneca Vaccine – Batch PV46671 Administered 10/03/2021
Heart Rhythm issues
After 2nd Injection AstraZeneca Vaccine – Batch PV46688 Administered 04/06/2021
Capillary Leak Syndrome
Rapid Dehydration
Neurological Symptoms
Blood Disorder – Lack of Protein in her blood – Lack of Oxygen in her blood
Couldn’t walk – No balance
Gastro Bleeding
Kidney Failure

Her 1st Vaccine made her heart rhythm go through the roof. Mum had to see a heart specialist but the system was taking so long. By the time her appointment was due the hospital said she was too unfit to go due to the 2nd injection of AstraZeneca Vaccine in June.

This gave her a Rare Protein Disease that has NO CURE! It’s called ‘Capillary Leak Syndrome’ and it took 5 months to nearly kill her! Then she fought for another 2 months in hospital where she eventually died!

The Capillary Leak Syndrome first started with the swelling in the legs, infecting her body and making her dehydrated. After receiving blood tests, mum was whisked off in an ambulance the next day, as soon as they got the results. Her body was having trouble retaining and renewing protein and oxygen in her blood. She was dehydrated no matter how much fluids she drank and her legs were swollen huge like elephant legs, leaking puss. Her capillaries were leaking causing her body to be poisoned needing antibiotics constantly.

As soon as they took her off the hydrating drip and antibiotics her stats would drop to a dangerous level and she was put back on them again. Half the time mum had no idea where she was, but once the antibiotics kicked in she could tell you her address. She suffered Neurological symptoms constantly.

Mum was immobile and couldn’t get out of bed, even to go to the toilet or commode at the side of her bed! She wasn’t bed ridden when she first went in to hospital. She couldn’t walk, she couldn’t balance. She felt she was going to fall or slip if she tried! I couldn’t see my mum, they had stupid rules only the next of kin could see her. Mum never knew her mobile phone was ringing; I had to call the ward 1st and get a nurse to point it out to her every day. Eventually when I got to speak with her she was so drowsy saying she had stomach ache and felt tired all the time.

Before these injections mum was a healthy happy independent woman. She ate healthily and loved her salmon with plenty of fresh vegetables. She hated the hospital food, she was constantly pushing it away because it wasn’t her normal diet. She also took Echinacea which helped with strengthening her respiratory immune system. This AstraZeneca Vaccine knocked her off her feet. If mum didn’t eat so healthy and have a great immune system before the jab, I feel it would have got hold of her much sooner!

Eventually mum started bleeding from her bowel. The hospital needed to do an endoscopy. By this time mum had had enough, she said she wanted to call a taxi and go home but she didn’t know how to get the numbers. This proved mum was still suffering neurological problems. She knew how to use her phone, even send texts, right up to the end of the 1st week she was hospitalised.

Eventually the hospital said mum had kidney failure. Her kidneys were fine when she went in hospital all tests were done to make sure of it. This is when the family were told she only had 2 days left to live. Sadly she died the next evening.

After informing my doctor’s surgery about my mum, they took my son and I off the Covid Vaccine invitation list. The day after a doctor stating that I should request an exemption pass by calling 119, due to the condition of my mother as it could be Genetic! If I have the jabs the same could happen to me. Plus my son has a heart condition that could cause problems too. After calling them, being sent a form to fill in, requesting the doctor to sign and submit the application into the Covid-19 system – we were both REFUSED!!!

My mother never had this Protein Disease before in her life. This is the fault of the AstraZeneca Vaccine and they have already admitted this causes Capillary Leak Syndrome back in June 2021 – a Rare Protein Disease with No Cure!!!

Mum knew it was the injections that caused this; she said she would not have another if you paid her! She massively regretted having the injections and wanted to tell people they were not safe! I told her I will make sure people pay for what they had done to her and she agreed she wanted justice. If the person who administered the injections took mums health into consideration, they would have noticed her health problems and medication was a contraindication to receiving the injections. She was on Blood Thinners, she had Lymphedema and she also took meds to regulate her heart!

AstraZeneca has already noted on the severe adverse reactions that it causes Blood Clots, Capillary Leak Syndrome, Heart Inflammation and Menstrual Bleeding problems!

The staff seemed to try their best at doing their jobs. But the problem with Capillary Leak Syndrome is that it’s a rare disease so not many staff would know or have seen all these failures at the same time and know what to do.
There was no specified treatments given for, or to prevent Capillary Leak Syndrome, such as monthly infusions of intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) . Those who do not improve with IVIG or who cannot tolerate the therapy may have success with Theophylline and Terbutaline, but Mum wasn’t given any of these!

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