Joel Isherwood

Joel Isherwood – AstraZeneca August 2021

Adverse Reaction: Deafness & Tinnitus

Joel Isherwood – in his own words:

“A few weeks ago I had my second AstraZeneca vaccine and the following day woke up with a sudden loss of hearing in one of my ears, and was referred to the hospital.

After numerous tests, I was told yesterday that the Vaccine has attacked an ear infection I had, damaging the nerves behind my eardrum.

There is no further treatment they can offer me. I’m permanently deaf in my right ear and have a constant ringing which I have to ‘learn to live with.’

I didn’t know any of the risks before going to get my jab and, had I known, I certainly wouldn’t have had it! These vaccines are still being trialed and there is limited knowledge of side effects, so make sure it’s right for you and don’t just follow the crowd!”

Leeds, UK