Julie Chapman

Julie Chapman – AstraZeneca 25th February 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions: Neurological Symptoms, Tingling, Burning Nerve Pain, Allodynia

Julie’s Story in Her Own Words:

My decision to take the Astra Zeneca vaccine has negatively impacted our lives. I was previously a woman in the peak of physical health. I had no history of neurological illness, or any other serious illness. I exercised every day, walking for 3 hours in all weathers, had done yoga for 10 years & went to the gym.

I knew 2 days after the vaccine something was awfully wrong when I awoke with sharp painful pins & needles type tingling sensation moving rapidly all over my body. I had been feeling very unwell with high fever, loss of appetite & pain since the Vaccine had been done. But this symptom was on another level.

It didn’t let up. Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. During this time I contacted Gp’s & 111, even 999 (United Kingdom) one night when a particularly bad attack of formication (sensation of solid particles moving under the skin) made me fear for my life.

Symptoms came & went over the months, such as burning nerve pain all over which led me to go to A & E on numerous occasions, with no helpful result. For the first 3 months I barely slept an hour due to severe nerve pain on any part of my body which I laid my weight on (I could not even sleep sitting up as the side of my head hurt). I could still move, so some nights I would painfully walk the streets alone instead of laying painfully in bed awake.

Tinnitus drove me mad. Pain in my eyes made me feel I was going blind. Any sleep would end abruptly with me screaming out from either pain, fear of blindness or both. I could not bear clothes against my skin or bed clothes in the first 2 months, the nerves of my skin are so over-active.

Despite me putting all my usual efforts into healthy diet & supplements & exercise, mental illness descended on me from the fear of the never-ending symptoms & exhaustion, severe anxiety & depression resulted. Of course I was much too unwell to go to work & my exhausted husband became my registered full time carer.

Five months on, some symptoms have eased a little. The burning nerve pain reduced to tingling/pins & needles. It is still pretty constant & strong at times (medical termed dyesthesia). I still have hyper sensitive nerves in my skin which prevents me wearing clothes comfortably. I used to love dressing up, this pleasure is gone now. Also the pleasure of sunbathing has gone. The sun aggrevates the nerve pain, it even affects me through clothing so walking on a sunny day is no pleasure now. Holidays will not be fun & even sleeping in a strange bed is impossible. I would have to take my own extra-soft bedding. I have the constant sensation of sunburn under the skin if anything touches my skin now.

I returned to work but am having difficulty with the pain & need a seat cover for my office chair & no longer have the pleasure of walking to work on a sunny day

I do not feel the same person anymore. I still have depression & difficulty coming to terms with what’s happened.

We do not know what the future holds. I am having homeopathy & bioresonance which is helping my general health.

It is too early to tell if it is helping the neurological symptoms yet. A neurologist has seen me & he thinks it’s likely to be a functional neurological disorder. He saw me in March and was hopeful it would go. But it has outlasted the time frame he thought. I’ve had a normal MRI & am awaiting a 2nd one & nerve conduction tests

I wanted to share my story to raise awareness

United Kingdom