Mai Samy

Mai Samy – AstraZeneca 25th May 2021

Ongoing Severe Adverse Reactions, Aged 25

Mai Telling Her Story:

Four months ago, I made a decision that completely turned my whole life upside down. I received the AstraZeneca Vaccine. I was definitely expecting a little reaction but I was not expecting that I would end up with a bunch of rare autoimmune disorders, blood clotting issues and ongoing debilitating symptoms that doctors have no explanation for.

My symptoms started the day after I received my vaccine. I woke up with a heavy head feeling and terrible headaches, high fever, sharp pain in my hands and feet to the point I could barely walk, brain fog , stabbing pain in my legs and arms, shortness of breath, dizziness, swollen feet , balance issues, tingling and numbness in my whole body. Although the symptoms were so severe, I wasn’t really worried much at that point and I thought I would get back to normal in just a couple of days. Unfortunately, the days progressed to weeks and then months and months.

I started my never-ending journey with doctors and hospitals 10 days post vaccination and sadly they did not seem to care much, and thought it was just me being anxious or stressed. My symptoms kept progressing to the point I was crying every day from the pain (and still am).

I reached a point where I could not even speak or comprehend what was happening around me, I felt so disorientated and trapped in my body. My veins would pop up and hurt so much, my fingers felt like they were broken and ughhh…. this ongoing fever that never ends, it’s literally killing me. My whole body felt like it was being paralyzed and I lost all my motor skills. Simply, my whole body collapsed.

After much struggle and spending loads of money on doctors appointments, tests and scans, I finally had some answers. I was diagnosed with a mild form of GBS, Dysautonomia ,Vasculitis and Small Fiber Neuropathy. Unfortunately, my immune system is so stubborn and keeps attacking my whole body, so we are trying to calm it as much as we can but nothing is working. I have been given all different kinds of immunosuppressant drugs which offered no help and I had to stop them; they are no longer safe for me. We are currently working on different treatments and hopefully they will give me some relief soon.

It has been a surreal and horrific experience and I still cannot process what’s happening to me. I still cannot understand that at some point I needed oxygen because my lungs collapsed. I still cannot believe that I cannot walk. I still cannot believe that I cannot do the job that I love. I still cannot believe that I have not seen anyone the last four months. I still cannot believe the amount of money we are spending on this. This has been the most expensive free shot ever, I am just gutted.

I still keep getting weird scary symptoms every single day and am still pretty much a dysfunctional human being. But I am glad that I’m not where I was months ago, I almost died. Doctors think it could take up to a year to get back to my pre-vax self, and I just cannot wait.

I am trying to stay positive and keep praying for a miracle to happen – I guess that is the only way to stay sane during this madness!

I want to be heard; I want my life back.