Michelle Ross – AstraZeneca Early 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions, Aged 36 Years Old

Michelle from the UK was one of the first under 40’s to be contacted and offered the AstraZeneca Vaccine due to her breast cancer diagnosis 10 years prior.

At the time she was working in a school and accepted the shot to protect those around her.

After the vaccine she developed swelling and weakness in her legs, arms, back and her mobility worsened to the point where her work essentially made her leave.

Fast forward to now, she can’t leave the house and cannot walk unaided.

In excess of 5 ambulance hospital trips with pain and rheumatology appointments, nobody wants to acknowledge that the AstraZeneca Vaccine had a part to play in what they are now diagnosing as M.E!

After eight months she still has had no word from her GP, who said he would be looking at getting her on the urgent list to be seen by a neurologist!

Michelle explains further in her video.

Leigh, Wigan, United Kingdom