Miriam Gabriela Godoy

Miriam Gabriela Godoy – AstraZeneca 14th January 2021

Died 20th January 2021 Aged 49 Years Old

Miriam, a pharmacist, had been vaccinated on January 14th. The next day she went to the pharmacy to work and felt ill. Her situation immediately appeared very serious.

She was then urgently transported by ambulance to the Bufalini hospital in Cesena, Italy where she sadly died of a stroke few days later, on Wednesday 20th January.

“She was the nicest woman in the world, beloved and full of life” – says Barbara Pesci, Director of Ravenna Farmacie “It was totally unexpected. I had seen her a few hours before she was sick, and she was cheerful as always”. In Porto Corsini the whole Pro loco Council pays condolences to the family: “She was a beautiful person, always sunny, always attentive”, says the president Orio Rossi.

She was a mother of 4 children.

Porto Corsini, Italy