Nathan Gaskin – Astra Zeneca, First Dose: 30th March, Second Dose: 15th June 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction

My name is Nathan Gaskin I am 28 years of age. I had the first shot of Astra Zeneca 30th march 2021 with no reaction. I then had my second vaccine shot on the 15th June 2021 and 4 days after this I started experiencing severe pins and needles in my left arm and hand which would radiate to my left side of neck and shoulder. It led to severe chest pain which at times felt like electricity bolts across my chest which the pain from that also leading to my neck and left arm (I thought, heart attack) I was having these daily!!

After a couple of trips to A&E I was diagnosed with Costochondritis. The pains in the chest have subsided after six months, I just suffer with dull ache and heart palpitations.

I then started to get swelling around my neck which to me felt like my muscles were tight in my neck causing me head pain! However, since then I have constant pain in my calf’s and a weird sensation of buzzing and swelling (seems like my muscle swells). I sometimes get blurred vision like I have to stare at something a little longer to make it look clear! I’ve had my eyes tested they’re saying there’s nothing wrong.

I also get a burning stinging sensations in my head which leads to my jawline. I have had, ECG, X-ray of the chest, CT scan on my brain, numerous blood tests and I’ve also seen a Cardiologist, but everything comes back normal! What is going on? It doesn’t make sense to me?

My bloods from the other day have come back, which were HBA1C, bloods serum creatine kinase, rheumatoid bloods.

I am 28, I can hardly walk and in severe pain with no help.

The doctors tell me I’m suffering anxiety which is not the case! The AstraZeneca Vaccine has taught me one thing only and that’s how much life is precious.

Warwickshire, United Kingdom