Prasong Boonkhian – AstraZeneca Booster

Died within 12 hours aged 40

Doctors confirm that Prasong, died of a cardiac arrest after receiving a booster shot of the AstraZeneca Vaccine.

He was vaccinated with his first dose of Sinovac on June 11th, followed by the second Sinovac dose on July 5. Last Friday he received a booster shot of AstraZeneca and died within 12 hours.

He was a volunteer rescue worker with the Pathon Borom Rachanusorn Foundation in the central province of Ratchaburi.

His father Prasert Boonkhian, says his son started coughing around midnight and his mother found his body at 2am on Saturday morning. The family says the man was fit and healthy and rarely got sick. An autopsy at Ratchaburi Hospital found that a coronary artery was completely blocked with a clot and had caused him to go into cardiac arrest.

“I want to seek justice for my family. My son was healthy and I never thought he would die like this:” says his mother.

Ratchaburi, Thailand