Sofia Gomes

Sofia Gomes – AstraZeneca 19 of May 2021

Severe Speech Adverse Reaction

Sofia’s story in her own (typed) words, two months after the second jab :

Can you please share my story about the Astra Zeneca jab. Since the 2nd dose of it I lost my ability to speak. I had a severe allergic reaction to it, and just few hours after my speech never came back. I had it on 19 of May, now two months, and nothing. In a waiting list for speech therapy and no one from Yellow Card are approaching me even after the emails I’ve sent, and even directly to the AstraZeneca company ­čś┤

So I had my 2nd jab on the 19 of May and after few hours I went in hospital as my throat was very tight and couldn’t breathe. They said it was an allergic reaction to the jab – then after a few hours I couldn’t speak. They did a scan and throat examination but stated all was okay. I was 8 days in hospital and done many tests, so then I went home, waiting for speech therapy with no further explanation! After a few days I wonder why my discharge letter didn’t arrive, so when ask for it, the results are Mutism! It said in the letter that they left me in a waiting list for speech therapy. No one through the Yellow Card system seems to want know my situation as they keep saying after many emails that they are dealing with so many other reports.

I can only say “we are laboratory rats!”.

And still no speech yet unfortunately ­čś┤ x

Wisbech, UK