Thommy Viklund

Thommy Viklund – AstraZeneca 1st March 2021

Died 16th March of a Massive Brain Bleed and Low Platelets/Thrombocytopenia

Therese Telling Her Brothers Story:

My brother Thommy got the AstraZeneca Vaccine on 1st March 2021 and he died on 16th March due to Massive Brain Bleed and Low Platelets.

The doctor that called me said that the reason he died was the Vaccine and his autopsy showed that.

I am now my brother’s voice.

I want everybody to know the danger to take these Vaccines.

We want to be heard. 🥀💕

I also lost my Mother in November due to the lockdown. She stopped eating when we were refused to visit her.

Therese, Sweden.