Vinessen Magon

Vinessen Magon – AstraZeneca 18th August 2021

Died 8th September 2021 Aged 20 Years

Dies 3 Weeks Later
The COVID World post date: September 18th, 2021

Vinessen Magon, who was forced to Vaccinate to travel to Canada, got an appointment for his first dose on August 18th 2021. Returning home that afternoon, Vinessen complained of pain in his head. “His headaches were so severe, that he was grabbing his head and screaming,” says his mother. He went to a doctor, who found nothing abnormal and prescribed painkillers. He died 3 weeks later in Victoria Hospital in Candos.

He went to SSRN Hospital for the severe headaches. where he suffered a seizure while hospitalized. He was then transferred to Victoria Hospital, where he was placed in the intensive care unit. He was in a comatose state and was put on a respirator. He died on Wednesday morning, September 8th.

Vinessen was opposed to vaccination, but he had to vaccinate in order to travel to Canada. Coming from a modest family, he wanted to help his family out of poverty. He wanted to emigrate to Canada in order to work and be able to send money to his parents. His relatives say that he did not want the vaccine, but he had to take it in order to travel to Canada.

His brothers, Vellen and Vanessen said, “He was a good person, too young to die.” Vanessen is even more heartbroken because he and his twin did everything together. Their parents want to understand what happened and will do anything to find out the truth and see justice for their son.

Grand-Baie, Mauritius