Bianca Rose Dawson – Johnson & Johnson April 2021

Adverse Reactions: Spinal Cord Inflammation

Bianca’s symptoms started 4 hours after the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine.

People ask what a bad day looks like – it’s pain, tremors, inability to stand, weakness. Nine months and I still have terrible side effects, thankfully I am on many treatment protocols but there is no end in sight. We are constantly worried about relapses. All I can do is pray and keep moving forward!

I got to the hospital as my legs started to go numb and I started to have tremors, I could not control my arms, I lost control of my bladder and bowels. They dragged me to a bed and they left me in a room unattended, I pressed the call button but no one came – I fell on the floor. I ended up getting admitted and I was there for 6 days and they ran tests – MRI, Brain and Back and a Spinal Tap and the Neurological tests showed by body was in inflammation and I was given IV Steroids that calmed my symptoms down to a manageable level, but I remained with little feeling in my legs. They suspected Gillian Barre and I had a Spinal Tap but that come back negative.

I have now been diagnosed with Spinal Cord Inflammation and Chronic Neuropathy with no treatment or cure. I have to use a cane as the pain is unbearable.

The last time I was admitted to the hospital I was treated like I was withdrawing from some type of drug and that was the “only explanation” for my neurological symptoms. I was refused water and food for over 12 hours and when the negative drug test was received the only next logical answer was that I should now be treated as a psych patient. We had to fight for them to not sedate me. I was left on bed pans for hours and was left unsupervised despite the fact that I couldn’t walk.

I had a fall in the ER that is still undocumented on their side. I had my IV ripped out of my arm and was yelled at by a doctor. All because I couldn’t possibly have Vaccine Side Effects!

This is the reality I have been facing for the last nine months.

Here is Bianca’s video account:

Connecticut, USA