Emma Burkey – Johnson and Johnson 26th March 2021

4 Strokes, Brain Bleed & Clots Resulting In 3 Brain Surgeries, 18 Years Old

I was an 18-year-old in high school working as a nanny and volunteering in my church’s nursery. I got the shot to ensure that I did everything I could to keep the kids safe.

I had a fever and vomited but doctor said that it was normal and not to worry. After a week I had a terrible migraine and later in the night had my first of many strokes. It was then found that I had brain bleeds and blood clots in my brain. I got put in a medically induced coma three days later while on life support. I was then transferred to a hospital in California.

I woke up 2 weeks later and learned that I had suffered 4 strokes as a result of my Johnson & Johnson Vaccination. When I first woke up, I was on a trach tube, feeding tube, couldn’t move anything not even to blink, and had 3 brain surgeries.

I was diagnosed with Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (blood clots that cause haemorrhages in the brain) seizures, and encephalopathy.

I have had brain hemorrhages, blood clots, seizures, 4 bilateral strokes, 3 brain surgeries, a feeding tube, tracheotomy, quadriplegia, and have even been in a coma.

I am having to relearn simple everyday tasks like eating, sitting, standing, walking, talking, etc. I can’t go to college for early childhood development this year like I planned. I can’t even hold a book, nevermind a baby. I’ve had to move houses and now do therapy 6 days a week and am in a wheelchair.

My reaction was reported to the CDC, Johnson & Johnson and Vsafe. No one answered until Johnson & Johnson left a prerecorded message on my mom’s voice-mail.

I wish people were made aware of the risks and that when you sign the consent form you are agreeing to be a part of their trials. Also younger people have a very good chance of fighting off the virus.

Nevada, USA