Glen Ridley – Johnson & Johnson 9th April 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions: Liver Failure, Kidney Failure, Heart Failure & Thrombocytopenia

Heather Rose Telling Glens Story:

Glen and my Mom have been dating for a long time now, and he is like a Dad to me. Here is what happened.

On April 9, 2021, Glen got the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine. For 2-3 weeks, he hadn’t been feeling well after getting the shot.

Glen usually is a healthy guy otherwise. From getting the shot, because most people had said that they sometimes get flu-like or COVID-like symptoms, he just ignored his feelings, but felt very fatigued, not wanting to do anything or eat anything. We finally realized this wasn’t normal after almost three weeks. We finally convinced him that the CDC said he needed to go and report his symptoms, so he went to the ER (FYI, if you don’t know Glen personally, he is a VERY STUBBORN GUY like MOST MEN).

They did a bunch of tests and blood work on him. We found out that he was in Liver Failure, Kidney Failure, and Heart Failure. That is when we found out that he had NASH, which is Non-Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the Liver. They also found out he was in severe Acute Respiratory Failure with Hypoxia, meaning he wasn’t getting enough oxygen to his lungs due to not having enough oxygen in his blood.

We come to find out that the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine, that he had got to keep him safe from getting COVID, was too strong for the liver because it was only one shot, unlike the other two Covid-19 Vaccine’s given in two shots. The Johnson and Johnson shot reacted to his liver. So, when his liver shut down, his kidney went into failure, and his heart went into failure.

He was so sick that he ended up with Sepsis. If you don’t know what Sepsis is, it is a bacterial infection, and it goes throughout your whole body, and it can kill you if you don’t catch it in time. It causes confusion and high fevers, which is what he had. He didn’t remember anyone at all. When all of this happened, he also ended up with Thrombocytopenia. He had to have four blood transfusions because his body was not producing enough platelets anymore, making him Anaemic. They also determined that he has Metabolic Encephalopathy. It is a chemical imbalance within the blood, and it causes problems to the brain. It causes issues with confusion and with memory, and sleep problems. Glen has been diagnosed with all these unfortunate issues.

He had to stay in the hospital from April 22, 2021- May 10, 2021. He then ended up in a Rehab facility because he had to relearn how to walk, talk, and learn how to eat all over again. He couldn’t do anything on his own. He was in rehab from May 10-May 28. He then could come home, but he still couldn’t walk, so had to go home in a wheelchair and a walker.

We had a visiting Nurse, Occupational Therapist, and Physical Therapist that came to the house all the time. He weighed 218lbs. before all of this happened, but now has swelled up, and at his worse was 311lbs. Then within a few weeks because of all of these issues, he was 143lbs.

In June, he ended up back in the hospital again because he’d aspirated in his lungs. That’s when he was diagnosed with Pneumonia and was there for another three days.

He also recently found out he has Varicose Veins on his Esophagus due to his liver problems. Now he is 175lbs because he had to go on a strict diet to help him gain weight because of all his health issues that are still on-going. He still has tons of doctors’ appointments and goes to them all the time.

He has been working all his life. He used to be a truck driver and worked all the time. Glen is an outdoorsy person who loves to go fishing and hunt any chance he can get. Now he can’t do those things anymore

Cornish, Maine, USA