Katja Jagodic

Katja Jagodic – Johnson & Johnson Janssen 16th September 2021

Died 29th September from blood clots, bleeding in her brain & Thrombocytopenia, aged 20

The Slovenian Government suspends Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine after the death of Katja Jagodic, a 20 year old student.

Katja was vaccinated because it’s mandated for universities in Slovenia. She received her shot on Thursday 16th September 2021. She suffered several health problems shortly afterwards and was hospitalised on Monday 27th September at the University Clinical Center (UKC) in Ljubljana. Her symptoms were so severe that immediate medical attention was required. She died on 29th September in the early morning.

Igor Rigler, head of the emergency neurology department at the University Clinical Centre said, “she fell ill with a very serious condition. At the same time, she had blood clots and low platelet counts, causing bleeding in her brain. We have done everything that modern medicine can do in such conditions. We consulted all the experts involved in this field at UKC – vascular specialists, haematologists, nephrologists and neurologists. We approached the treatment aggressively, but unfortunately we could not help her.”

Slovenian Minister of Health Janez Poklukar ordered the suspension of the Janssen Covid-19 vaccine after the news.

The father of the deceased 20-year-old was present at a protest on 29th September 2021 against the ‘COVID-Pass‘. The participants of the rally dedicated a minute of silence before he said: “She wanted to have freedom, just like everyone else here. On September 16th, she went to get vaccinated with Janssen so that she wouldn’t be limited by nonsense. She is no more today. She was 20 years old.”

He continued, “when you get to the vaccination site, no one warns you of possible complications. No one warns that vaccination with the Janssen Vaccine is not recommended for people under 40. There are only numbers. There is only talk of percentages. My Katja was not a percentage. She was my Katja,” the emotional father said.

After the speeches, the crowd moved towards the Presidential Palace and continued their journey through the streets of Ljubljana. The protesters, who are against the mandatory COVID-Pass in order to work, access a gas station or a shopping centre, eventually blocked a highway. Police were sent to the area with water cannons to fight the protesters.

Ljubljana, Slovenia