Kostas Mastrovasilis

Kostas Mastrovasilis – Johnson and Johnson 13th August 2021

Died 4th September 2021 At 30 Years Of Age

Written By Kosta’s Dear Friend Nicky:

Kostas was 30yrs old and on 13th August 2021 he received his first dose of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine on the Greek island of Rhodes. He got the vaccine as he wanted the freedom of movement and to work.

Shortly after the vaccine he got a blood clot in his groin. He was battling the clot in his groin for a couple of weeks at a hospital in Rhodes and they had it under control, but it came back aggressively. He was then sent to to a bigger hospital Athens and admitted because his leg became hard as a rock due to the blood clot which led to the blocking of his arteries pumping blood to his heart.

Whilst in the hospital, no doctor would touch him due to his vaccinationBUT, one doctor said, if he offered them money, he would look after him. But Kosta had no money and knew were he was heading. He knew he was dying as his body was swelling and clotting.

On September 4th 2021 Kostas passed away from Myocarditis. A strong healthy man who only wanted his life to get back to normal.

When he took the final photo of himself with the mask on, he wrote that he was only alive due to a pin-hole opening in his heart which was barely maintaining his life. He said he was dying and called the Greek Prime Minister, Mitsotaki, a “Prostitute”.

His dad is a Pastor in Australia and he flew to Greece to do his ceremony.

Rhodes, Greece.