Mark Behnen – 1st Dose J&J Jannsen Lot #42A21A on 16th April, Booster Dose Lot #1822811 on 10th November 2021

Booster Severe Adverse Reaction

The first dose produced no reaction. It was easy and painless and I almost forgot I had gotten it. On whim, I decided to get the booster dose. I figured the first one gave me zero reaction, and it’s not an mRNA Vaccine, so I expected the second dose to be easy as well.

The day I got the Booster I was fine. About the third day I felt tired, but that’s not too unusual considering my sleep schedule. The fourth day I woke up and it felt like my right ear was clogged. Normally when that happens, I’m able to make my ears pop, but this time I couldn’t. It also felt like my ear was really full or something was in it. I thought it could be allergies because they are going crazy for everyone right now, but something about this felt different.

The next few days I noticed that the fullness and clogged feeling wasn’t getting any better at all. It seemed to be getting worse.

The next day I realized I couldn’t hear almost anything out of my right ear. Now it’s been 8 days and I am functionally deaf in my right ear. I’ve taken a dozen hearing tests and all of them say I have significant hearing loss.

In addition to that, on day 7 I started to get this horrible sensation almost like i’m receiving an electric shock into my brain. The first time it happened was disorienting, but I was sitting down so it wasn’t bad. The next time it happened was when I was walking my dog. It was extremely disorienting and it made me lose my balance and almost fall over.

I can’t really listen to music anymore because I can’t hear it. I can’t have a normal conversation because I have to keep asking people to repeat themselves. If there’s any sort of background noise, I for sure can’t hear what anyone says. The brain zaps happen multiple times a day, but the effects of those are thankfully short lived.

I’ve been referred to an ENT, as the doctors I’ve spoken to won’t touch the illness because I’ve said it was related to the J&J Vaccine!

Houston, Texas, USA