Shahad Amdeen

Shahad Amdeen – Johnson & Johnson Janssen 6th March 2021

Severe Ongoing Adverse Reactions, Aged 31 Years

My name is Shahad Amdeen, a 31 year old female pursuing a master’s degree. I went to my appointment on March 6th 2021 and was informed that I will be receiving the Janssen One Shot Vaccine, so I went ahead and took it.

After 13 days, I started to feel heaviness and numbness in my hands followed by disability to use my hands. I couldn’t go to school or take my final exams like other students because I couldn’t drive or use my hands.

After that, the fatigue and weakness started to attack my body along with chest pain and abdominal pain. I also developed bruises all over my arms and legs that keep going away and showing up again by themselves. I had shortness of breath attacks as well as burning sensations and sensitivity in numerous areas. These spots were bruised or the veins were popping up.

Since March I have been suffering severe fatigue and disability to move or walk. I have swelling and tingling feelings all over my body especially in my arms and legs – sometimes I feel that I don’t have arms or legs.

I am a strong supporter of science, therefore I tried to stay strong and finish my masters degree, but my health was deteriorating day by day until I was put on medical leave and my life changed forever.