In Loving Memory Of Sue – Died From The Covid-19 Vaccine

Sue Died on 26th August 2021 and this Podcast is a record of her story

Sue documented all of her symptoms knowing she was dying from the C-19 Vaccine and wanted her best friend to tell her story after her death.

Her 1st Vaccine Jab resulted in Shingles.

Her 2nd Vaccine Jab lead to her horrific death.

  • Suffered excruciating painful rashes that dried out broke, cracked and bled
  • Pins and needles in her hands legs and feet – mimicking Guillain-Barre Syndrome
  • Her blonde hair turned brittle and grey
  • Her nails turned completely white and turned inward
  • Her whole body started to experience agonising pain, spending nights on the floor screaming
  • Sue started to swell up with fluid to a point she could no longer recognise herself
  • She lost sensation and could not urinate or defecate
  • She finally got admitted to hospital after collapsing
  • She could no longer eat
  • After being scanned, her body was found to be attacking itself
  • Her liver had a bled-out and she needed a blood transfusion
  • She was then told that her body was being eaten up by rapidly spreading cancers throughout