Alyssa Mossman Darrow – Moderna 24th September 2021

Warning About Breastfeeding After The Vaccine – Newborn Baby Reaction

Written by Alyssa 27th September 2021:

I waited.
I waited because I was pregnant and there wasn’t enough research.
I waited because my body and mind needed time to heal after our emergency c-section.
I waited because I wanted to be sure it was safe for him.
I waited so he could get the antibodies through my breast milk.
I waited, but I wasn’t prepared for this.

The doctors are confused and don’t have answers.

So, all new Moms out there, you never know what might happen. Have a feeding backup plan. If that means freezing breast milk or having formula, do it. Be prepared, when getting your vaccine feels right for you.

I received the Moderna Covid Vaccine Friday at 3:00 pm. We noticed a small rash on Blake’s neck Saturday morning. It continued to get worse and spread over his entire body.

We’ve seen two paediatric doctors so far and the only explanation is a reaction to the vaccine through my breast milk.

Luckily I had enough milk stored for the night and morning. We have switched him over to formula temporarily in hopes to go back to breastfeeding once the rash subsides.

He’s still smiling and eating like a champ. However, staying awake all night to make sure your child doesn’t stop breathing is something we never thought would happen. We were trying to protect him not harm him.

We love you so much Blake Mathew Darrow, we can’t wait for you to feel better

Denver, Colorado, USA