Kristin Daigneau Ditzel – Moderna March & June 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions – Explained in text and video, although now September and no improvement

Kristin is with her friend Jaimie in this Video.

Kristin’s Story in her own words:

After nearly seven months, I have finally decided to share and make it public information.

I had extreme reactions to both doses of the Covid-19 Vaccine (Moderna), which I received on March 17 then June 17, 2021.

Both have badly harmed my health. I was completely healthy prior to the shots. Worked full time, farm work, rescued dogs, active, no health issues, clean overall bill of health.

As of now I appear to have an unnamed mysterious disorder (a variation of Guillain-Barré syndrome) which causes overall nerve inflammation. One week I have vestibular migraine. The other hemiplegic migraine. Another POTS….. The extreme inflammation (cytokine storm) affects my brain: how I think, how I speak, how I walk. Slowed me down completely. I can’t even drive. It makes basic tasks hard to understand, hard to accomplish.

Symptoms started like an allergic reaction within 30 minutes of the jab (along with expected side effects like arm Pain, rash, fatigue, headaches). Had extreme gastro issues and tachycardia following it. Then the dizziness and brain fog and it took all my energy.

But I still wanted to be safe from Covid and took the second shot. Second jab I developed intermittent nerve pain (right side only), on face, arm and leg, plus dizziness. Symptoms worsened to include major pain, on neck and back. Insane migraines that I didn’t know existed which took me out for hours and sometimes days. So far, no effective treatment has been found for me. I have hope this is reversible, but it is unknown how better or worse I will get.

Some days are better, others worse. There is no clear trajectory of improvement. There are good hours, good days and horrible relapses. I have recorded most of my symptoms over the last few months on notebook, iPhone and computer (when I’m feeling well and remember things). A couple weeks ago, I found others, so many others all over the World in the same boat as me.

As a biologist and researcher, this is not a coincidence!

I just think side effects need to be acknowledged more publicly, and more research needs to be done before we can push this into our kids or make mandates.

I have been going to a huge number of specialists, blood tests, diets: PCP, neuro, ENT, cardio, immunologist, and the list goes on, but NO answers.

There are hundreds of post Vaccine people injured. It is sad when we get turned around by hospitals and doctors. No treatment, no medical help. Months of suffering while we were trying to follow the safety guidelines. We did our part. But no one talks about the side effects.

Nelson, British Columbia, Canada