Fred Pye – Moderna 25th May 2021

Extreme Adverse Reaction: Paralysis, Heart Problems,
Seizures & Tremors

On May 25th,2021 Freddy suffered an immediate and severe reaction to his Moderna Covid-19 Vaccination. Within the 15-minute waiting period the left side of his body was paralysed, he went cold, and his breathing became extremely shallow. He had swelling in his feet and a rash throughout his body. Freddy was treated immediately on site by paramedics.

The following night he experienced dizziness and heart palpitations, collapsed in his home and stopped breathing. Freddy’s heart went into major atrial fibrillation and he was transported back to the hospital where a loop recorder was implanted into his chest to monitor his heart.

Since then he has had six seizures and/or strokes (to be determined), experiences constant uncontrollable spasms and tremors, migraines, tinnitus, fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, and overall body pain.

Freddy was taken by ambulance to the hospital after he stopped breathing, experienced massive tremors in his leg and was unable to move.

At the hospital he was given an ECG and blood work was conducted. When the results came back clear, they sent him home even after he asked to have further testing completed.

He is unable to work or drive and has difficulty walking. Since his injury he has been unable to receive proper medical care in his hometown and has been dismissed and ignored by various health care providers.

Age: 39 years old

Nova Scotia, Canadian