Imogen Allen

Imogen Allen – Moderna July 24th 2021

Developed Blood Clots 14 Days After Vaccine, Just 22 Years Old

Imogen, a champion show jumper, developed blood clots on her lungs 14 days after receiving the Moderna Vaccine.

She experienced shortness of breath a day after the Jab. Over the next few days, she became so breathless that she was unable to speak. She collapsed on holiday shortly after, while she was away with her boyfriend. Imogen was hospitalised and received the news that she had developed ‘two massive blood clots’ on her lungs.

Imogen spent four days in hospital, only able to see her boyfriend and family for short periods of time due to COVID-19 restrictions. She now faces the possibility of surgery for her blood clots and will be on blood-thinning medication for the rest of her life. Doctors have told Imogen that it could be three months before her breathing returns to normal.

She represented England in show jumping as a teenager and won a silver medal, although she may never be able to ride a horse again.

She has reported her health problems to the yellow card scheme, which records adverse reactions to the COVID-19 Vaccine, and encourages anyone who has experienced side effects to do the same.

Berkshire, England, United Kingdom