Julia Ann Whalen

Julia Ann Whalen – Moderna May 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions Aged 32

Julie Anne Telling Her Story:

In May of 2021 I got the Moderna Vaccine. I was so desperate for the world to go back to normal that I would have done anything to help that along.

Before the vaccine I was a perfectly healthy 32-year-old woman. I hiked to the top of steep mountains, rode bikes with my family, walked 20,000 steps a day, worked a physically demanding full time job, and was a busy Mom of two always running from place to place for whatever anyone needed.

Just two short weeks after I got the vaccine everything changed. Suddenly I couldn’t feel my legs and walking was a struggle. I have pain in my legs all the time despite taking pain medication. I need assistance getting in and out of the shower, I rely strongly on handrails and other things to grab on to when I lose my balance and feel myself nearly falling, I am unable to walk around a grocery store, unable to drive, unable to do the outdoor things that I love, and I can’t be the Mom or the wife I used to be.

The only explanation they have for these debilitating neurological symptoms is my receiving the Covid-19 Moderna Vaccine. That one thing that I thought would make life normal again has actually made it so much worse.

Sometimes I have bad days and sometimes I have worse than bad days. In order to function, my medication regimen has changed drastically.

When I agreed to get the vaccine I fully expected a sore arm, maybe some flu like symptoms for a few days. Nobody told me that my life could be turned upside down.

Everyone is out here pushing the vaccine. The vaccine is being mandated and shoved down people’s throats to the point where you are a “Disgrace to America” if you don’t get it.

Well, this is my new reality. It’s like a game of whack-a-mole, with new symptoms constantly appearing despite my best efforts to get another one under control.

Could it be worse? Yea. But why isn’t anyone talking about this? Why aren’t people openly discussing the BIG risks?

I’m not trying to sway anybody one-way-or-another on getting the Covid-19 vaccine, or any other vaccine for that matter. I will however tell people my story so that they know that this IS a possible adverse effect to the vaccine.

This is my reality and not enough people are talking about it.

Pottsville, Pennsylvania, USA