Justine Luzzi – Moderna 7th April & 5th May 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions

I didn’t see a reaction until one full month after my second dose of the Moderna Vaccine. This is why I didn’t immediately connect the dots.

In June I started getting very dizzy and swaying on my morning walks. Then chronic headaches. By Monday my vision started to go and my speech started to slur, and that’s when I took myself to the ER. I thought I’d had a stroke or seizure.

CAT scan came out fine and they suggested I see a neurologist. My first visit to the neurologist is when I started to really think it was the Vaccine. They were asking lots of questions about it.

Long story short, I ended up getting an MRI, EKG, EEG, and everything came back normal. My neurologist said it’s probably adverse long term side effects and it’ll just wear off. But to determine what exactly it was, I should get tested for heavy metals from my PCP.

My PCP suggested, now that we know it was the Moderna Vaccine, what exactly is the root of the problems…

He said there are 3 options;

  1. Test me for inflammation and see if the vaccine triggered an autoimmune disorder.
  2. Test for heavy metals and see if the vaccine leaked a heavy metal.
  3. If both tests come back fine, then it’s the Moderna Vaccine just not agreeing with your body for whatever reasons, and it could have simply just broke through the blood/brain barrier.

Both tests came back negative. And his response was….. he had no idea what to do!

I have experienced everything from extremely tight chest and jaw pain, rapid heart palpitations, intense migraines, ear pain, feeling like my head was going to explode out of my body, short term memory loss, losing time and forgetting who I am and where I’m going, a feeling of being brain dead and not being able to think deeply or critically, tightness in my head, slurred speech and loss of motor skills. Some days are good, some are not.

These Vaccine Injuries are real and are occurring more frequently than we think.

New York City, USA