Maddie Ellis

Maddie Ellis – Moderna 10th September 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction: Myocarditis At 20 Years Of Age

Joy Ellis Telling her daughters story on 19th September 2021:

My daughter, Maddie (20) had her second Moderna shot on September 10th. She had not even told me she got the first because I am not pro this Vaccine, and think it’s too new with not knowing all the side effects, but I told her she is an adult and needed to make her own decision.

Saturday the 11th, she woke up feeling like she had been hit by a bus (her words). Saturday afternoon she started having constant chest pain. Monday evening, she was still having chest pains when she got home from work. She got scared thinking it could be a side effect so she told me she had taken the shot.

We took her to the ER to get checked out. They did an EKG and chest X-ray and those were normal. I asked that they check her d dimer and Troponin levels. The doctor did a d dimer, but said the troponin wasn’t necessary. His diagnosis was musculoskeletal pain (non-cardiac).

Well, the constant chest pain continued over the next few days and then she started getting tightness, too. I took her back to the ER on Friday around midday because this didn’t feel right to me and I knew there was a risk of myocarditis with the shot.

Well, low and behold this time the doctor listened and ordered cardiac enzymes be checked. Her troponin levels were 1.94. Troponin levels are raised when something is going on with the heart attack, etc. They are supposed to be zero or no higher than .04.

She was diagnosed with Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle). She was finally transferred to Centennial Medical Center in Nashville at 3 am yesterday and put on the cardiac floor. Several doctors and a cardiologist there confirmed this was Myocarditis caused by the Vaccine.

I can’t even tell you how much worry and stress this has caused, and while money will never come before my children and I would spend everything I have to care for them, this will likely cost thousands of dollars. This free Vaccine has not been free for us and I have added hundreds of grey hairs to what I already had. We were released to come home this morning. She will recover from this, but full recovery will take 3-6 months and she can’t exert herself during that time. She will take anti-inflammatories for the next two weeks and follow up with a cardiologist probably for the next few months.

I’m not telling anyone to take or not to take the shot as I believe it’s personal choice. I’m here to tell you what can happen, so you can make an informed decision for your own, and your children’s health. They say it’s rare, but it’s NOT rare when it happens to you and your family.

I’m thanking God that she is okay and will recover.

Nashville, USA