Margaret Marcus Bunten – Moderna 22nd January 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions: Neurological Problems & Clots

I had the first vaccine January 22nd 2021. Four days later my fiancé thought I was having a stroke, after I could not walk properly and kept falling over, so I agreed to go to the hospital. They couldn’t find a clot. They set up an appointment with a Neurologist. I waited a month to get into the Neurologist.

During this time, I went downhill. Every system was messed up. Walking, talking , seeing straight, standing up , thinking, body shaking and couldn’t hold things without dropping them.

I went to the hospital again during that time. They couldn’t figure it out. I went from a fully functional Paramedic and Flight Attendant, to not being able to be left alone, drive, shower or any of my daily living activities.

I had the Moderna One Shot. My neurologist said if I had another shot, I would be dead.

The first Neurologist said I was an anti-vaxer, so I went to another Neurologist.

My present Neurologist said he had no clue what to do , but he was going to try and help me. I was put on Gabapentin, IV steroids, then had a week of IVIG and I am still in Neuro-Therapy. He said it may have caused Guillain-Barré syndrome.

I had a scan on my legs by a vascular surgeon and they found blood clots. That Doctor said he believes I had a lot of micro strokes. I’m still on blood thinners. He was not surprised when I told him my story as he found multiple blood clots in my right leg.

I got the shot. I was an essential worker. My son and I have had all of our vaccines.

My fiancé took me to another Neurologist. I was his first case. Now he has at least five other cases.

There, I have met others like me! We had all felt scared to tell others, alone and terrified.

I may not be able to work again. No one helps us. There is nowhere to turn. Not even social media. I’m better, but not back to where I was. I pray I get well.

Now, five year old innocent children will be told to take this Vaccine. Parents are being blinded. I’m sure it has saved lives. But, get all the information out, so people can make informed decisions. It makes me sick to think of the outcome this could possibly have!

Fort Worth, Texas, USA