Mosheur Rahman

Mosheur Rahman – Moderna August 2021

Died 30th August – 3 Weeks After Moderna Vaccine, Aged 16 Years

Mosheur died 3 weeks after receiving the Moderna Vaccine. He immediately suffered a high fever and severe Migraines and went to the emergency room three times after his vaccine, but was always sent home. His last hospitalisation was at the Angelo Hospital, Italy when he was transferred to the intensive care unit where he eventually died.

Mosheur arrived in Italy from Bangladesh, his country of origin, only 6 months earlier to join his family that have lived in Marghera for many years. He lived together with his mother, two brothers (one older and one younger) and his father.

Hundreds attended a protest organised by the Bengali community in Italy to demand justice for Mosheur:
“He was a healthy boy” assures Prince Howlader, spokesman for the community and relative of the young man. “Three weeks ago, he had the Moderna Vaccine and then he started to feel ill and passed away shortly afterwards. We want to understand what happened in Angelo Hospital. We have filed a complaint with the prosecutor to demand an autopsy.”

His family is seeking justice for his sudden death.

Venice, Italy