Rachel Kirkwood – Moderna 6th Feb & 6th March 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions, Aged 26

After the first dose of the Moderna Vaccine, I only had minor symptoms that I didn’t attribute to the vaccine at the time. Just some light itching on my skin and a little extra sneezing. About 30 minutes after the second dose, the fatigue set in. Then muscle aches, severe headaches, tachycardia, difficulty breathing, muscle weakness, post-exertion malaise, extreme anxiety, fevers, night sweats, sinus pressure, brain fog, and so much more. I had no appetite, couldn’t eat, and lost 10 pounds during March because of it. I genuinely thought I was dying. I cried every day, several times a day for months. I also developed some new symptoms later like vomiting and what I call ‘internal vibrations’.

Slowly but surely my symptoms started to improve. At the time I’m writing this, I’m 8 months out and between 85-90% better depending on the day.

At the beginning I had a hard time even showering by myself and was bed bound for about 2 months. Even though I’m getting better, I can’t wait for my life to go back to normal. It’ll still afraid of ‘slipping back’ and relapsing again. The relapses are the scariest part. It’s also just super lonely.

I was a healthy 26-year-old, super active. I was working out between 4-6 days a week. At the beginning of the pandemic I was hiking 2-4 times a week and I painted almost every day too.

This is real, I exist. My story is not ‘misinformation’. If it’s happening to me, it’s happened to others. We want acknowledgement and treatment. .

Bay Area, California, USA