Tara Baldree Skałowska – Moderna May 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction

Tara Telling Her Story:

I got the Moderna Vaccine. It was hell the first month. So much joint pain and puking and sleeping 12 hours a day and everything was just awful. I personally regret it now because I leave home maybe once a week if I’m lucky, so did I really need it? Thought I was doing the right thing for my family.

It feels like a deep burning sensation, like I got burned with a blowtorch or something.

The doctor said they can treat me for the skin problem specifically, but that medication would lower my immune system’s ability to fight other infections and it’s not a good idea right now with Covid going on.

I was tested for cancer, lupus, and a slew of other autoimmune disorders. I’m going to make a Telehealth appointment next week because it’s getting worse.

It’s been 3 months since my second dose. Skin has gotten worse and still feel like I need 12 hours of sleep to function, but the joint swelling and pain are mostly gone. I have not had Covid. Haven’t been sick at all in probably 2 years.

I’m not going to tell you what to do but please be careful either way.

  • They say you all should ALL get a Covid vaccine!
  • They say there’s NO WAY it’s dangerous!
  • NO WAY it could trigger your immune system to attack healthy cells for reasons not yet understood by doctors or even by the manufacturers themselves!
  • NO WAY it will leave you with lingering side effects like raw skin and joint pain 3 months later which no one knows how to treat. 👏 !


Florida USA