Tara Skalowski – Moderna May 2021, at recommended 28 days interval.

Severe Adverse Reaction, Aged 40

Tara telling her story in her own words:

I received my first dose of Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine in early May 2021. I had what I thought was typical vaccine soreness in the arm. I had the shot in my arm and couldn’t sleep on that side for 3 or 4 nights. My whole arm was numb down to my fingertips for about 48 hours. The first day I experienced headache, body aches, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, itching on my hands and feet, and nausea/vomiting/diarrhoea, which lasted for about a week. I also began experiencing lots of hair loss within a few days, which has slowed, but not resolved over 4 months later. The hair loss was accompanied by dry, scaly patches on my scalp. From what I understood at the time, some of these symptoms were typical, and several friends and family that had already received both doses of C-19 vaccine said their second dose was easier on them. So I went back for my second dose as scheduled, thinking this would be the same for me.

Within 3 or 4 hours of my second dose I began experiencing severe pain in my neck and a headache again. My arm and hand went numb again. Throughout the night the pain began to radiate through my collarbones into both shoulders, not just the shoulder I had the vaccine injected in. Over the next day or two, the digestive problems returned, the hair loss worsened, and I began experiencing some heart palpitations, a “floating” sensation of vertigo, tinnitus, worsened itching, severe pain in both wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles, severe back pain that radiated through to my stomach causing me to feel even sicker, a severe rash on my abdomen and forehead, and severe fatigue.

I made the first available appointment with my doctor. She ordered x-rays of my neck and joints to rule out arthritis. She also ordered a range of blood tests to rule out other autoimmune problems or issues that would be causing my symptoms. The only thing abnormal in my bloodwork was a high eosinophil count, indicating an allergic reaction. The only thing new that I had introduced to my body was the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine. No other cause for my symptoms can be found.

I have no pre-existing conditions other than depression, for which I have been taking an antidepressant without any adverse reaction since several months before my vaccines. I am an otherwise healthy person. I was previously active and enjoyed many outdoor activities. I stopped exercising almost completely due to the severe joint pain I had and feel embarrassed to leave home because of my skin.

Through the next couple of months after my second dose of the C-19 Vaccine, most adverse reactions were at their peak and began to slowly subside except the skin rash and fatigue. I am still occasionally having digestive problems and vomiting. I sleep on average 10-11 hours per night and need a nap during the day or feel I will collapse from exhaustion.

The skin rash continues to worsen. It began as small, dry patches of skin along my hairline. It spread to my abdomen and has affected my ears, inside my nose, and every part of my face except my eyes and mouth. My skin has gone through stages of dryness, cracking, oozing, bleeding, scabbing, peeling, and I feel pain in my forehead and cheeks whenever I laugh, smile, or raise my eyebrows. I have tried several topical treatments, to which it has not responded. I wear no makeup on my skin and have eliminated my entire skincare routine to rule out possible allergic reaction from those products.

My doctor has told me that she has seen several patients with a range of adverse reactions after receiving C-19 Vaccines. She also said that the medical community does not know enough yet about how and why patients are having adverse reactions, and as such, can only treat the symptoms. At this time she has prescribed me an oral steroid and a different topical for the rash, which is being treated as eczema at this time. She has referred me to a dermatologist for more help.

I have filed a VAERS report. I received a generic auto-response email in return.

I am not anti-vax. I took the Covid-19 vaccine believing it would be more beneficial to me and my family than being harmful. I do believe everyone should have the freedom to choose whether or not being vaccinated against any disease is right for them, and with that choice, should come discussion and factual information to pave a way to that decision. Many people have been mocked, bullied, harassed, have lost jobs and relationships, and been shadow banned on social media for speaking out about their vaccine experience because the government and vaccine manufacturers refuse to acknowledge that any other side effects can exist. Many people have been called crazy and been made to doubt their own minds, told by peers that their stories are only anecdotal, told by the healthcare system that there is no protocol for treating their sudden issues that arose after receiving C-19 Vaccine. This has to stop.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please take care of yourselves and please continue to share your stories! We will be heard!

Florida, USA