Tenley Csolle

Tenley Csolle – Moderna 30th December 2020

Severe Adverse Reaction Aged 22 Years

Tenley, a creative, athletic, and vibrant 22-year-old, had just graduated from college and started working at her first job in her new career as a Rehab Therapist Assistant, helping the elderly in a Long Term Care facility last summer.

Then in late December 2020, she was given an injection of the Moderna Vaccine in one of the first waves for health care workers in British Columbia due to the nature of her work.

She experienced some nausea and other symptoms immediately following the shot. They resolved fairly quickly, except for a headache and fatigue that persisted.

On January 18, 2021, about two and a half weeks after the Vaccine, her legs felt unstable and wobbly while at work and she was encouraged to leave her work shift early. The next morning she woke unable to stand or walk on her own without additional support, and ultimately collapsed at home. She was immediately taken to the ER.

Tenley then spent two weeks in hospital, and has since been seen by hospitalists, neurologists, a psychiatrist, has had two MRIs, and a lumbar puncture. Since her release from the hospital, she has had very limited medical support or direction as to treatment or physical therapy care as there is no current diagnosis or prognosis.

No health care workers or doctors have ruled out the Vaccine as the cause, and unfortunately, none have definitively documented that it is directly related. She is in medical limbo-land.

Seriously, just think about it all for just a moment. The chances are extremely unlikely for a healthy and active 22-year-old to wake up one day and not be able to walk!

Tenley is now under a physiotherapist who has the extensive neurological experience and is working with her to incorporate more functional movement and recommended exercises into her daily program.

None of Tenley’s medical or rehabilitation costs have been met by the government or insurance.

British Columbia, Canada