Tiny Mulligan – Moderna 17th November 2021

Severe Adverse Reactions

Tiny, a Road train driver working for ‘Road Train Australia’ pays the cost of NO JAB NO JOB, resulting in ongoing vaccine injury with no answers.

Tiny tells his story on 6th December 2021 from South Headland Hospital, Western Australia.

Prior to the Moderna Vaccine injection on 17th November 2021, Tiny was well and fit. He worked 15-hour days and never missed a days work.

He was told by his employer ‘Road Train Australia’ that he had to get vaccinated or…. “No Jab No Job”, so on the 17th November he had the Moderna Vaccine.

Within 20 minutes had a reaction and felt poorly, had severe chest pain that was so bad he went to hospital. He collapsed in hospital and over the next three-week period he went back to the hospital four further times.

His pain in his chest it so bad he says it’s like a brick sat on his chest, it’s so bad he can’t breathe and has no feeling in his arm and he says he feels so ill.

Finally the hospital called him at home and said he had to be admitted and said they had found a “bug” he was admitted to hospital for treatment , but they won’t tell him what this “bug” is !!!

Doctors and nurses will not allow him to talk about the vaccine injection and they try to convince him it’s not the jab. They are telling him they have another jab for him!!!

He feels scared as they want to jab him again.

It is stated on his hospital paperwork that he was fit and well before the 17th November (day of injection).

He is not receiving any financial support from the state or Road Train Australia.

The hospital has not reported the adverse reaction to the TGA Vaccine Reaction Reporting System.

He says no one wants to know or help if it’s related to the Vax.

Tiny said he has a friend that’s had 2 seizures post C-19 injection and had to be flown to hospital.

Tiny wants everyone to know his story and if people want to get the jab its their choice, but people must know the other side.

Western Australia

This can also be viewed on our NMS Rumble Channel as the original video will probably be deleted from YouTube.

Reported by Pilbara Freedom Keepers.