Abigail Alvo

Abigail Alvo – Pfizer 31st March 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction Aged 18 Years Old

Abby’s Mum Amy Telling her Story:

I feel with everything going on I need to speak up. My daughter planned a graduation trip to Hawaii with her friend and her friend’s family. At the time, Hawaii had very strict Covid protocol if you were not vaccinated. Against my better judgement I allowed her to get the Pfizer Vaccine. On March 31st she had her first shot.

The following day she wasn’t feeling that great but insisted on going to work. That afternoon we received a call from her employer that Abby had fainted and was shaking uncontrollably. The shaking was on the right side of her body, the opposite side of where she received the injection.

She was taken to the ER where they hooked her up to an IV and gave her two different medications. She was told she had an adverse neurological reaction to the vaccine.

Due the lack of research or study on the effects of the vaccine, the Doctors were not able to give us much information. ‘It might go away in a few days, the 2nd vaccine most likely would cause a more severe reaction but no one knows’ they said.

After 2-3 days the shaking wasn’t as severe. It has now been 6 months and the shaking is still noticeable in her right arm when she is trying to be still, or holding an object and even more noticeable after exercise. A couple weeks later we received a full refund from Kaiser for the ER visit since it was caused by the vaccine. We thought that was odd!

Abby is on the cheer team at Mt. SAC College and all athletes were told they now have to be fully vaccinated. Abby has until October 15th or she will be kicked off the team. She put in for a medical exemption through Kaiser due to having a documented case of an adverse reaction to the vaccine and it was DENIED!

She was told that there are alternative vaccines for her to try. (She is an experiment!)

We all keep hearing how safe The Vaccine is…… UNLESS you are one of the unlucky victims!!

I WILL NOT allow our children to be experiments!! I am going to stand up and fight. I am my child’s parent, not the government!!

I want to inform as many people as possible about the dangers.

Ontario, USA