Ágata – Pfizer 31st August 2021, Aged 16 When Vaccinated

Severe Adverse Reaction: Intubated From Seizures, Caused By Autoimmune Encephalitis

“My name is Clayton, I am the father of the beautiful girl Ágata, my wonderful daughter who turned 17 on14th November 2021. I want to share with you what happened to my daughter.”

Ágata has always been a healthy girl, has never had serious illnesses, and has always been a very loving daughter. She was inoculated on 8/31/21 with the first dose of Pfizer Vaccine.

After receiving the Vaccine, she only complained of local pain, but twenty days later, she had intense headaches and a very strong pain in the back of her eyes. She took painkillers but little improved.

Unfortunately, the nightmare started on 24/09/2021. Around 7:00 in the morning, I dropped Ágata off at school, and went to do my errands. However, around 7:25 a.m. she had her first seizure inside the school.

The school called an ambulance and they also called me, as I was very close. In 5 minutes I arrived and saw my daughter lying on the floor of the patio receiving first aid from the school professionals. She was no longer convulsing and was conscious and speaking well. As the ambulance had not arrived by then, I decided to take her to the hospital myself. We arrived at The Municipal Hospital in the city of Guarulhos, they took blood tests and said that we should wait for 5 hours to get the results.

As Ágata had not been hospitalized, and she was very hungry, we went to the mall near there so that we could have lunch while waiting for the results. After we had lunch around 1:00 pm, she had another seizure inside the mall, the rescuers gave assistance and took her with their own ambulance to the same hospital. On the way to the hospital and after arriving there she had a series of other seizures.

She was taken to the ICU and intubated. Several tests were done to detect the cause of the seizures, and all were inconclusive. Doctors thought it could be Covid or Pfizer Vaccine reaction. Tests for Covid and spinal fluid tests were done, and they all came back NEGATIVE for Covid-19 – she didn’t have Covid and she hadn’t had the disease either.

She remained hospitalized with no improvement, so the Hospital medical board said she would need to be transferred to a hospital that had more resources to treat her, and so they could find the cause of it all.

On 10/09/21 Ágata was transferred to Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo. She is being treated and is showing good improvement, but she is still receiving 5 types of anticonvulsant drugs, and has motor difficulties and vision changes. She was diagnosed with “Autoimmune Encephalitis”.

I ask you all to pray for my daughter, she is finally at home and recovering well.”

Guarulhos, Brazil