Alexander Jones

Alexander Jones – Pfizer 28th April & 7th July 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction – Myocarditis

Apparently Myocarditis is a very rare reaction to the vaccine… yet there were three of us in hospital with unexplained Myocarditis.

All having recently received the second Pfizer jab too 🤔

I agree, I’m one of the unlucky ones, but at 36, does the risk of Covid outweigh the risk of developing Myocarditis… certainly not in my case.

I had them because I wanted to go abroad and with all the pressure over vaccine passports.

My bloods indicated high troponin levels and also irregularities on my ECG. I was then sent for an Echo and Angiogram which confirmed the Myocarditis.

I had the jab around 8 weeks ago. Between then and now I had palpitations but didn’t think anything of them. Thursday morning I woke up with bad chest pain which was then pulsing down my arm.

Myself 36, Pawo 39 and Clive 41 have been diagnosed with Myocarditis, all in the same ward, and none of us have any markers for infection.

Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom