Amber Ann Thompson – Pfizer 24th October 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction: Pericarditis, Aged 33 Years

My name is Amber I’m a single mom of two.

On October 24th 2021 I went and got my second shot of Pfizer Vaccine. On Monday at 6 pm, the next day, I was in hospital with horrible chest pains. After a lot of tests and blood-work and a further three days in hospital, it was found that I’ve got Pericarditis, because of the Pfizer Vaccine!

I am now on meds for three months and have been out of work for three weeks. However, I went back to work today because I called the government to get the sickness benefits, but was told that I do not meet the criteria for it, or any other benefits.

How is this possible when I am off work with a doctors note saying why I am off and how I got my problem?

So fast forward to today, 11th November, and I tried again to return to work, but was in so much pain. I phoned my doctor and they said I should have not gone in, but understand why.

So tell me how is this fair? I was fine and working right up until I got this Vaccine, but now I cant work. I am a single mom of two, have no money for bills or groceries and the Government will not help, even though it was caused by their Pfizer Vaccine!!!