Amber Montana Owcha

Amber Montana Owcha – Pfizer 1st October 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction: Ongoing Infections, Pneumonia, Stuttering, Severe Pain

I am a type one diabetic, but I got my first shot of the Pfizer Vaccine on October 1st 2021. Up to this point I have been healthy and everything was good.

On October 17th I got really sick, chills, fever, and vomiting,

On October 18th, I went into emergency and was diagnosed with E.coli Bacterial Infection, and Kidney Infection (no idea where anything of that came from), so I was admitted to the hospital.

Being there, in so much pain and nothing working, I was given another pain med that apparently I am allergic to and it left me almost dying, laying there numb with 5 nurses standing over me, not being able to move, or talk for an hour. After I came through, I was then diagnosed with Pneumonia and I developed Stuttering…. not to mention that the hospital pumped me with 7 litres of fluid, so my whole body swelled from head to toe.

Fast forward to two and a half weeks later, and 4 different antibiotics, of which none seem to be working…I’m still in a lot of pain with Pneumonia, and the Stuttering.

I have asked for more tests but everything they have tested for comes back normal except infection within my kidneys and believe I still have E.coli Bacterial Infection. The stuttering hasn’t got any better either. I have tried to tell them that I believe it is the Pfizer Shot, as I was perfectly healthy before that, except they are not doing anything for me!

Almost three weeks and I am still in bad pain and a migraine that won’t go away, and can’t talk properly.