Arianna, Just 13 Years Of Age – Pfizer 30th September 2021

Died 1st October 2021 – Less Than 24 Hours After Her Second Pfizer Vaccine

Arianna lost her life due to a Heart Attack in less than 24 hours, the day after the second dose of the Pfizer Vaccine.

She died on 1st October in the emergency room of the “Vito Fazzi” of Lecce, Italy.

Arianna, a high school student, got her shot on September 30th. She fell ill shortly after and was rushed to hospital where she died hours later. Lecce’s Public Prosecutor Office is expected to open an investigation into her sudden death.

Arianna, was a first-year student at ‘Banzi’ scientific high school, got her second shot on the morning of Thursday. She returned home but fell ill that night around 04:00. She was then rushed to the emergency room of Vito Fazzi Hospital where, despite the best efforts of doctors to save her, she died.

The tragic news began to circulate in Trepuzzi on Friday morning, throwing the entire community into despair. Mayor Guiseppi Taurino said: “Everyone feels pain when a community loses a young life. There are no words to describe the pain of the parents who have to bury their child. The country must gather around the victim’s family and make their solidarity and affection felt, as well as towards the girl’s schoolmates and friends, among whom there is great pain because of this sudden death.”

An autopsy will be performed by Dr. Giovanni Serio, head of Vito Fazzi Hospital, and coroner Alberto Tortorella to clarify whether there is a correlation between the administration of the second Pfizer vaccine and her sudden cardiac arrest less than 24 hours later.

The funeral of Arianna was initially scheduled for 2nd October but was then postponed to allow the autopsy to take place.

This follows the sudden death of Sofia Benhairira of Italy, featured on NMS here.

The tragedy comes just two weeks after the death of 14-year-old Majda El Razak who entered into a coma two days after receiving her second Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and then died 26 days later. This case is being investigated for manslaughter.