Bram – Pfizer 6th October 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction: Acute Myopericarditis, Aged 35 Years

Bram describes his ordeal after getting the Pfizer mRNA Injection:

26th October dismissed by his GP.

28th October he was told his heart was in perfect condition.

1st November diagnosed with anxiety or indigestion but no heart problem.

13th November Bram was finally diagnosed with Acute Myopericarditis as a direct result of the Pfizer Vaccine. The doctor he saw stated that he had seen many come through the hospital with Adverse Reactions to the Vaccine.

Several doctors failed to report his condition to the WA state’s monitoring system and only after being hospitalised for 4 days did, he get diagnosed with a severe heart condition that occurred as result of his recent Pfizer Vaccine.

Brad says the data was hidden and the reports are buried and un-reported.

Bram is a husband and father to a five months old baby girl.

His message is “Having the vaccine is like playing Russian Roulette”.

Perth, Australia