Severe Adverse Reactions: Vaccines triggered a blood disorder and Anaemia requiring blood transfusions plus a Pulmonary Embolism with Micro Clots

Charissa Olivia Klamn – Moderna 1st Dose & Pfizer 2nd, July 2021

Charissa is a former EMT-Paramedic and Registered Cardiac Invasive Specialist who has been medically diagnosed with an adverse reaction to the mRNA Covid Vaccine(s). She had no prior history of blood disorders, but is now battling severe anaemia, pulmonary embolism and micro-clotting, and needs 24/7 help raising her four year old son.

Charissa Olivia Klamn

Charissa, in her own words:

I’ve been very sick. I was FINE before my Vaccine(s) and my blood work was NORMAL

The Covid Vaccine(s) are officially the cause of my health problems, and my blood transfusions. First it attacked my blood, requiring a blood transfusion now my CK (Creatine Kinase) is sky high and my joints and muscles are literally being attacked.

Multiple findings, so far it’s:
Haemolytic Anaemia
Macrocyclic Anaemia
A Pulmonary Embolism
Micro Clots
High CK (inflammation).

I see a specialist soon to plan the next steps, but these conditions are listed under “rare side effects from the Covid Vaccine”.

I have been extremely weak and on home oxygen. I may need another transfusion.

I’ve been slowly getting worse and I’ve been put on steroids because my joints and muscles are flared up and I’m in so much pain.

Because this is considered a severe adverse reaction I am going to seek legal compensation, but right now I just need to get better.

I am now exempt from any further Covid Vaccines!

I have full confirmation it was the Moderna/Pfizer Vaccines and my doctor has reported this to Health Canada. (Severe side effects from Covid Vaccine).

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada