Charlie Zink

Charlie Zink – Pfizer 14th June

Died 20th June 2021 – 6 Days After Pfizer Vaccine At Just 15 Years Of Age

You can view the VAERS report here.

Charlie passed away on June 20th 2021 whilst swimming and enjoying a summer evening with teenage friends, playing from a rope swing at Bedford’s Sebbins Pond. The teen, had just finished his freshman year at Bedford High School.

Charlie’s family wrote: “There are no words to describe the magnitude of the loss of this amazing 15-year-old, or what he meant to all who knew and loved him”.

Charlie was a great athlete, but loved basketball more than anything. He loved to play pickup with his siblings in the backyard under the lights, and he loved to play organized basketball, involved with many teams over his short career, through the town of Bedford, St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and Cap City AAU.

He loved watching professional and college basketball on TV and then devouring the stats in the morning news. He dreamed of earning a spot on the BHS varsity team some day, whilst enjoying the clinics he was able to attend during the summer.

New Hampshire, USA