Coral Curran – Pfizer 1st dose 23rd November

Severe Adverse Reaction: Stroke and Bell’s Palsy

Coral, a Student Nurse, telling her story:

Three weeks ago, the government set it to the headlines that mandatory vaccines will be rolled out amongst the NHS staff.

On Tuesday the 23rd November I begrudgingly made the decision to have my first jab, through nothing but coercion. My freedom of choice was taken from me, my career that I have worked so tireless for, my career that many have sacrificed for me to get, my career that provides a stable and comfortable future for my children and family, my career that has seen me work UNPAID, 12 hour days throughout the pandemic, was at risk for the sake of a jab I felt I did not need.

Yesterday, the 30th of November I was admitted into hospital, doctors declared, at the age of 27, I had had a Mini Stroke as a result of the Pfizer Vaccine and have also developed Bell’s Palsy. That’s right, from a vaccine I didn’t want, from a vaccine I knew I didn’t need! And to top it off, the evening of my admission, the Royal College of Nursing published an article on EVIDENCE BASED research that suggested NHS staff being vaccinated made no difference to the care and numbers. I am a student nurse, 6 months from qualifying.

Nottingham, United Kingdom